Who Was Albrecht Muth Where Is He Now? Wikipedia Bio

Who Was Albrecht Muth Where Is He Now? Wikipedia Bio

Albrecht Much was a con man for most of his life. On Thursday, a court in D.C. convicted him of first-degree murder for killing his 91-year-old wife in their Georgetown row house.

Albrecht Gero Muth, a strange German man who posed as an Iraqi general, was tried in August 2011 and found guilty of beating and strangling journalist and socialite Viola Herms. The jury was made up of nine men and three women.

Christopher Waltz recently played con man Albrecht Muth in the movie Georgetown. Albrecht Muth killed his former socialite wife Viola Herms Darth. This movie is based on a story called “The Worst Marriage in Georgetown,” which was published in the New York Times magazine in 2012.

What did Albrecht Muth do?

Albrecht Muth was a bad person who was found guilty of killing his wife of 91 years. The jury sentenced him to 50 years in prison. In January 2014, a District of Columbia Superior Court jury found him guilty of murder.

Judge Russell F. Canan said he was a typical domestic abuser who did it over and over and got worse when he drank. He hurt Viola Herms Darth for many years.

The US Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia says the criminal has used different identities over the years, including that of an Iranian Army general. The terrible thing he did was punished even though he was not in the courtroom.

Since Muth’s arrest in August 2011, the federal government has kept him in jail. They took him to the hospital because he refused to eat regularly, which worsened his health.

Where is the swindler Albrecht Muth now?

Since 2014, when his wife was killed, Muth has spent 50 years in prison. He also began a pattern of beating his wife, prompting repeated visits from the police.

Dart was found dead in the bathroom of her Georgetown home on Aug. 12, 2011. Muth called 911 and told them he had seen her dead in the bathroom. But government evidence showed that she had been drinking.

Video of homicide detectives James Wilson and Gus Giannakoulias questioning Albrecht Gero Muth on August 13, 2011, one day after Viola Herms Drath’s body was found in his home.

A witness said that on the night of August 11, 2011, Muth became louder and more aggressive as the day progressed. On the morning of August 12, a person outside the house heard the faint crying of a woman followed by the laughter of a man.

During the trial, the prosecution produced evidence that Muth had hurt his wife in the past. Muth had also said on several occasions over the years that he wanted to kill her.

How old is Albrecht Muth in the year 2022?

On May 10, 1964, Albrecht Muth was born. In 2011, he was found guilty of killing the 91-year-old journalist Viola de him. He was 49 years old at the time.

Albrecht Muth is 58 years old and serving his sentence in federal prison. He is a scammer. Because the victim was older, the jury said the crime was horrific and gruesome.

Albrecht Muth’s wife was Viola Darth

Albrecht was married to Viola Herms Darth, a Washington D.C. socialite. that she was a well-known figure in the relationship between Germans and Americans.

Muth married Viola when he was 26 years old (70 years old). Viola’s first husband died in 1986 and she married Muth four years later. The difference between their ages was 44 years.

He was born in Düsseldorf, Germany, on February 8, 1920. In 1982, when Muth was a teenage student at the American University of Washington, they met. He was her second husband. She had married him four years after the death of her first husband.


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