Typhoon Ian obliterated a significant lump of the Sanibel Boulevard when it rammed into Florida's west coast Wednesday,

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removing admittance to the boundary island where 6,400 individuals typically live. Both Sanibel and Captiva islands


have been cut off from the central area after the tempest washed away no less than three segments of the scaffold, CBS Miami detailed.

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Recordings from the highway show two bits of the slope to the two extensions washed away,


as well as a stretch of street that crossed an island in the boulevard. The highway is the main way for vehicles to enter or leave the islands.


Sanibel is annihilation," Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said in a news meeting Thursday, adding that the island "got hit with truly scriptural tempest flood.


DeSantis said departure endeavors were continuous yet large numbers of the occupants had left before the tempest hit.


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