TV Line

There's a great deal of chat online about this being the most fragile episode of the time however I'd need to clash.


Sure it's not awesome, given the high stakes and show we've seen throughout the course of recent weeks,


however, there's sufficient here to set the establishments for an unstable finale to follow.

Hollywood Life

Ramin Djawadi's score for this episode - particularly the initial 15 minutes - is delightfully developed and lays the right foundation so well for what follows.

slash flim

The show has a truly strong approach to building high stakes out of little pieces of discourse and there's a ton of imagery here as well.


The scene including Major areas of strength for larys Alicent's feet is probably going to be a lofty idea yet what's especially intriguing this is what it implies.

The New york times

There's a ton of discuss pushing down the ordinary person and "stepping" down with expert on those at the exceptionally base.

Bam smack pow

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