7 Reasons Why Men Play Mind Game

– Satisfy their ego: Men can be extremely egocentric  sometimes. By making you worry for them or chase them, they enjoy the  feeling of being desired by a woman. It makes them feel more confident.

Enjoy exercising power: When you are after them,  asking why they won’t reply or why they won’t call back, they understand  the kind of influence they have over you. They may not have control  over other aspects of their life, so they enjoy exercising control over  your emotions.

1. Perceive you as a challenge: Many  men get into the chase because they enjoy the process. For them,  impressing a woman is like a challenge that they would do anything to  win. Once the girl is impressed, they have accomplished their challenge  and show no interest in the woman.

1. Suffer from low self-esteem: Some  men suffer from low self-esteem and need constant validation for their  looks and desirability. Your restless reaction to his hot and cold  behavior gives him the validation he is seeking for himself, and hence  he enjoys doing it all often.

1. Interested in sex: Some men are only interested in physical intimacy.  They will play endless mind games to get it because they feel they  deserve it or have earned it. Sex is like a trophy they think they  deserve after ‘winning’ you since they have done all the hard work.

1. Intend to dominate: Some men simply  like to be dominating in a relationship. By playing mind games with you,  they feel they can keep you in check while having their way with you.

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