Traffic Wales urges drivers to plan ahead as Friday was ‘busiest day of last year August bank holiday

Traffic Wales
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Traffic Wales urges drivers to plan ahead as Friday was ‘busiest day of last year August bank holiday

Traffic Wales urges drivers to plan ahead this Friday, as last year the Friday before Bank Holiday was the “busiest day” on the A494 through Deeside and the A55 into North Wales.

Sharing a witty graphic on social media, the Welsh Government’s traffic information service has highlighted the best times to avoid using local main roads.

It shows that the rush hour on the A494 westbound through Deeside was between 10am and 5pm. m. and 5 p.m. m., which is pretty obvious, so does the A55 through Flintshire.

They have suggested leaving before and after “rush hour” for those planning to travel.

In its Tweet, Traffic Wales said: “Drive to Wales tomorrow? Friday was the busiest day of last year and here are the peak times and locations.”

An estimated 12.5 million leisure car trips will be made between Friday and the end of Monday as drivers look to make the most of the final bank holiday in England and Wales this side of Christmas, new reports indicate. RAC Breakdown figures.

The RAC expects Friday to be the most popular day to get away with it with around 4.3 million pleasure trips planned by drivers keen to make the most of the long weekend, followed by Saturday with 2.3 million and on Sunday and Monday with 1.3 million each.

An additional 3.3 million trips are estimated to take place sometime between Friday and the end of Monday, a number that could rise sharply if there’s a good run of summer weather.

Transportation analytics specialists INRIX recommend that drivers leave early in the morning in hopes of missing some of the longest lines.

Aside from the main route into North Wales, the focus of road congestion is likely to be on the M25 near London, where INRIX predicts the section between Bromley and Dartford Crossing will see some of the busiest conditions during the weekend, and in the South West of England, on the A303 in particular.

Research from the RAC suggests that some 3.6 million leisure car trips are planned to Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset between Friday and Monday alone, peaking on Friday with around 2 million individual trips.

INRIX also mentions the M60, between J7 for the A56 (Altrincham) and J18 for the M62, and the M25 clockwise, between J7 for the M23 and J16 for the M40, as roads in where traffic jams are likely to occur during the holidays.

Check your vehicles

One of the main causes of delays on routes to North Wales is vehicle breakdowns. Aston Hill seems to be a popular spot for cars to pass out.

The RAC is urging drivers to do “everything possible” to avoid a breakdown, as many that will occur in the coming days will be completely avoidable if drivers check their cars before leaving.

Checking tire pressure and tread, as well as oil and coolant levels, can dramatically reduce the chance of a breakdown. It’s also vital that drivers have enough fuel or charge for whatever trip they’re planning, and schedule enough stops to avoid driving while tired.

RAC Breakdown spokesman Rod Dennis said: “Despite more people choosing to holiday abroad this summer compared to the last two years, the cost of living crisis has meant that many people have once again opted for a break in the UK, and that’s lead to some very busy conditions on the roads and unfortunately a lot of breakdowns.”

“In fact, we haven’t seen a reduction in the number of people with breakdowns this summer compared to last, which again suggests that UK roads are just as hectic this summer as they were a year ago.”

“We expect the busy roads to continue over this Bank Holiday weekend, especially in major holiday destinations with people keen to enjoy some time before the new school terms start in England and Wales.”

“It appears that the south east and south west of England may bear the brunt of the traffic, with the clear message to drivers traveling through these regions: leave early in the morning or prepare to sit in traffic.

The last thing anyone trying to leave or return from a break wants is a breakdown, however, much of the work our patrols will be doing in the coming days can be avoided as long as a few quick checks are made. .”

“Making sure a car is ‘ready for the road’ can be as simple as making sure the tires are undamaged, have enough tread and are properly inflated, and making sure the oil, coolant and windshield wiper levels are up. where they should be.”

“If you are aware of any existing problems with your car, take it to an authorized workshop to have it checked before you go: a long trip is not the right time to put your car to the test.”

Expect to see an increase in travel times

INRIX Transport Analyst Bob Pishue said: “We expect to see an increase in journey times over the bank holiday weekend on major UK roads, with Thursday and Friday experiencing the biggest delays compared to normal”.

“Drivers planning to get away will find themselves competing with commuters and vacationers for space on the road, so we recommend adjusting travel plans or arming yourself with patience.”

National Highways road safety chief Jeremy Phillips said: “We know breakdowns can be a very upsetting experience, no one wants to start their holiday stranded on the side of the road next to fast moving traffic.

“That’s why we’re reminding drivers to check their vehicles before leaving over the holiday weekend, especially the tires.

“Unsafe tires put you and others at risk, as well as increasing your chances of receiving a heavy fine and penalty points.


Azores High will be moving over the weekend, allowing for long periods of good dry weather for many, speaking in the Met Office’s latest 10-day trend, Aidan McGivern said: “The Azores are a group of islands in the mid-Atlantic . Semi-permanent high pressure is found here for much of the year. ”

“But what has been happening this year so far, and especially during the summer, is that the high pressure from the Azores continues to spread across the UK, hence the hot summer and the very dry summer that we have had. And that repetitive pattern repeats itself again this weekend.”

Although the high pressure means it’s likely to be largely dry with hot, sunny spells, Aidan said that’s not the story everywhere. , mainly Northern Ireland, the west of Scotland and then clearing from the far north of Scotland through Monday.”

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Rebekah Sherwin said: “The bank holiday weekend will see mixed conditions across the UK, although most places will see sunshine, it’s unlikely to be completely dry.

Most parts of the south and east may well remain dry and bright for most of the weekend, while cloudier and wetter weather is expected at times further north and west, with some more persistent showers possible. for parts of Northern Ireland and western Scotland on Sunday. or Monday.

“For most, it will feel pleasantly warm in the sun, but cooler than in the late afternoon and evening, especially in more rural areas. Looking a few days ahead, the details are likely to change.


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