This time the Finance Minister changed all this in the budget, Explain in 10 points

Year 2023 Ender: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made several changes in this year budget In Budget. 2023 the central government has made several changes

Year 2023 Ender: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made several changes in this year’s budget। In Budget 2023, the central government has made several changes। The railway budget has changed a lot from the income tax slab। Simultaneously, the government launched several different programs for senior citizens, women and farmers। This time in the budget, the government made several announcements keeping all the sections in mind। Describe the ten important changes made in the current budget-

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New tax system missed

This change in the tax system was done by the central government। The new tax rule was implemented by the Ministry of Finance।

Income up to Rs 7 lakh gives tax exemption।

No tax was levied on income up to Rs 7 lakh in the new tax regime for 2023-24।

Latest tax regime announced —

No tax will be levied on income of more than Rs 3 lakh।
A tax rate of 5 percent applies to earnings between Rs 3 lakh to Rs 6 lakh।
A 10 percent tax rate applies to annual income of Rs 6 lakh to Rs 9 lakh

A 15 percent tax rate applies to income of Rs 9 lakh to Rs 12 lakh।
30 percent tax rate applicable to annual income of more than Rs 15 lakh

Mahila Savings Certificate

The government launched the Mahila Samman Savings Certificate Program in this year’s budget। An interest benefit of 7 percent is also available on this scheme

What budget did the railway make?

Railways were given Rs 2.4 lakh in this time budget। So far, 9 times more than the amount given in 2013-14 has been given। Rs 75 thousand crore for expansion of railway schemes

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme budget increased:

The maximum deposit in Senior Citizen Savings Scheme was reduced from 15 lakh to 30 lakh Also, the senior citizen account scheme was reduced from four lakh five thousand to nine lakhs

Coarse Grain Promotion:

The government insisted on increasing the production of coarse grains in this year’s budget। As well as increasing store capacity Mr. Anna Yojana, Global Hub for Milts and the establishment of the Indian Milts Institute

Inauguration of Skill Development Plan 4.0:

In the next three years, the Ministry of Skills Development Scheme 4.0 will be launched for lakh youth। Courses related to the new generation of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Mechatronics, Internet of Things, 3D printing, drones and soft skills will be included. Industry 4.0।

It started for MSMEs.

The loan guarantee scheme for MSMEs has been updated। It started from April 1, 2023 by adding Rs 9,000 crore to the corpus। Apart from this, the scheme also gave a guaranteed loan facility of Rs 2 lakh crore।

Inauguration of PM Matsya estate scheme

PM Matsya Estates Scheme, started with an investment of Rs 6,000 crore, seeks to empower fish vendors, fish farmers and micro and small industries।

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