ABC's The Goldbergs will be short a patriarch when it returns for Season 10 on Sept. 21: Jeff Garlin's Murray Goldberg character has been killed off.


The news, detailed by EW, follows the leave last time of Garlin from the cast. The entertainer had been blamed for improper way of behaving and was the subject of HR examinations.

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In another meeting, showrunner Alex Barnow lets EW know that the Murray character will have been dead for quite a long time when the new season's plotlines start.

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This will be a family that has not accommodated the way that their dad's gone

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The Independent

in any case, has kind of continued on and has managed a ton of that,"he said. "We're beginning with confidence about [Erica's] child coming and anticipating what's in store.

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It's a chance for this fascinating profound reason for the manner in which individuals are acting."

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