How Justin Bieber Really Became Famous

For devoted Beliebers around the world, it's almost unthinkable that there was a time when Justin Bieber wasn't famous.

As Britannica reports, though, he was born in London, Ontario in March 1994, and was once a cherubic aspiring musician who enjoyed various instruments from a young age

It was his singing talents that would ultimately catapult him to superstardom, however, courtesy of his mother.

Reuters stated in 2009 that Bieber's mother bought him his first instruments, and that he proceeded to teach himself to play them all. The moment that truly changed his life came in 2007,

His chosen song was "So Sick" by Ne-Yo, and his proud mother went as far as uploading clips of the performance to a YouTube account for family and friends to watch. As it was,

He soon had some very high-profile fans, music executive Scooter Braun among them. Just Bieber explained (via CBS on YouTube) that his mother was "really skeptical about the music business...

we didn't want to sign anything," and so she and her son resisted the attentions of the various companies who wanted to sign him. It was Braun who persisted, Bieber went on,

explaining that he recognized huge potential in him and could help his career get started. This he did, getting Bieber and his mother the legal aid they needed and flying them to Atlanta

"We ended up signing a deal with Usher a couple of months later... Justin Timberlake also wanted to sign me," Bieber casually told CBS,

It all seems an impossible dream for a singer who was "like 12, 13" at the time, but this is how he became famous.

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