SNL mocks Try Guys scandal and jokes about Biden on second show of the season

Try Guys
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SNL mocks Try Guys scandal and jokes about Biden on second show of the season

Saturday Night Live (SNL) got into the Try Guys scandal and made several jokes about President Joe Biden on its second show of the season.

The show lampooned the Try Guys in a segment in which Ego Nwodim, who played a CNN anchor, and actor Brendon Gleeson, a guest host on SNL, discussed the controversy as his character was due to report from the White House on the President Joe Biden’s support for Ukraine. .

The Try Guys, a popular YouTube channel with nearly 8 million subscribers, kicked co-creator and executive producer Ned Fulmer out of the group late last month after the star recently admitted to having an extramarital affair.

However, the report was interrupted by several “breaking news” instances where Gleeson’s character gave updates on Try Guys and Fulmer.

In September, Fulmer posted a statement on Twitter in which he admitted to having an affair with a co-worker. Fulmer has previously described himself as a devoted husband and even co-authored a cookbook with his wife, Ariel Fulmer.

During the SNL segment, Nwodim’s character knew nothing about the drama or Try Guys members Eugene Lee Tang, Zach Kornfeld, and Keith Habersberger.

Gleeson’s character seemed horrified by this and told Nwodim that he should care, adding, “These are BuzzFeed pranksters who try things, like nail polish or weird haircuts. They even tried to eat bugs.”

Confused as to what the scandal really was, Nwodim’s character asked, “I’m trying to understand why this story is so scandalous. Was this matter not consensual?”

Day, as Kornfeld, later responded, “No, worse. He committed the heinous act of having a consensual kiss and not telling us, his friends.”

After the sketch aired, Habersberger appeared to comment on the segment on Twitter where he posted: “Wow, that was unexpected.”

SNL takes aim at Biden
SNL also took aim at President Biden during its cold start involving the imaginary game show, So You Think You Won’t Break?

Yang, as the host of the game show, shared headlines with the contestants until each couldn’t take it anymore and broke down.

Dealing with Heidi Gardner’s character as the first contestant, Yang read news about how Biden perceived a nuclear threat from Russia.

On Thursday, Biden said we are closer to nuclear Armageddon than we have been in 60 years,” Yang’s character said.

Gardner’s character then responded, “I don’t know where to put that in my brain, but I love Biden.”

Yang then highlighted Biden’s age and shared a video clip from Biden’s recent 60 Minutes interview where he discussed his mental faculties.

Asked by reporter Scott Pelley what his mental focus is like, Biden replied, “Oh, he’s focused. I think it’s… I haven’t… look.”

The sketch then returned to Gardner’s character desperately drinking a glass of wine, apparently flustered by the president’s cognitive abilities.


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