RBI FD Rules RBI’s new rule applicable on FD, will get more interest

RBI FD Rules
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RBI FD Rules RBI’s new rule applicable on FD, will get more interest

RBI FD Rules RBI FD Rules 2022: RBI FD Rules 2022, New FD (Fixed Deposit) Rules, Banks, Post Office Fixed Deposit (FD) Popular With Traditional Investors! Such investments are labeled Safe and Guaranteed Returns (FD Returns)! In recent months, FD interest rates have been revised by public and private banks and financial institutions!

RBI FD Rules RBI FD Rules 2022

This has once again made FD (Fixed Deposit) one of the best investment sites! But know what! That the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has made a big change in interest rates on FD! Let’s see what changes have been made by the central bank!

RBI FD Rules 2022: RBI FD Rules 2022

New FD (Fixed Deposit) Rules Regarding Interest on Unclaimed Delinquent FDs! Under the new rules, if a fixed deposit expires and there is no income! That unclaimed amount now yields a lower FD rate! What does it mean! That if a person decides not to claim or withdraw the amount after the expiry of the fixed deposit period. Afterwards, less interest is charged on the amount!

No higher interest on uncalled deposits

First, if the FD (Fixed Deposit) amount is not claimed even after the due date! The interest (FD interest) is calculated on that amount, which applies to savings deposits! But now such unclaimed deposits will not get much interest! The rules say! The contractual interest on such unclaimed FDI will attract the applicable interest on this savings account, whichever is lower!

What is Overdue FD: RBI FD Rules 2022

A fixed deposit will be marked as ‘overdue’! When the investor does not claim the amount at maturity! It has not been updated! And Rashi Banks is busy with this organization! Under this new rule you will get a very good interest rate on FD!


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