Online RC Transfer 2022 How to transfer bike registration, see


Bike RC Transfer Process: Online RC Transfer You know that if you have a vehicle, it must be registered with the government! That is why vehicles are given license plates based on license plate. The registration certificate is called RC. What are the three types of RC Transfer (Bike RC Transfer)?

Online RC Transfer Bike RC Transfer Process

It has options such as normal sale transfer, public auction, transfer and transfer after the death of the vehicle owner! RC Transfer (Vehicle Registration Card Transfer) is very difficult nowadays!

People are not aware of the document signing process! Today, in this article, we’ll tell you how to transfer RC online from the comfort of your home! You must have some necessary documents for this!

Documents Required: Bike RC Transfer Process

You must verify your eligibility before doing RC Transfer (Old Vehicle RC Transfer)! Also, you must have some important documents! Registration certificate, insurance certificate, passport photo, buyer’s date of birth, tax certificate, address proof, RC book, PAN card of seller and buyer of the vehicle, chassis number and engine pencil print etc. are required documents!

online transfer process

RC transfer (vehicle registration card transfer) but will! First of all, you need to go to this website and create your account! After creating an account, fill out an online form here which costs Rs 525! The printout of that form will be submitted to the relevant office. After a successful application (Bike RC Transfer Application), the office will process the following required process in seconds! This will save you time!

Is RC transfer necessary?

You will get the facility of RC Transfer in any RTO (Regional Transport Office)! It has often been seen that buyers and sellers enter into an agreement while parking the car and do not transfer the RC (Bicycle Registration Card) at the time of purchase! These deals do not include the dealership!

This is legally correct! So the bill is huge! That vehicle will be sold to many people, but officially the owner will be the one whose name is on the RC (Registration Card)! This is the main reason why RC transfer is necessary when buying a vehicle!


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