Medical Professionals Job Vacancy 8 Pass Also Eligible (Urgent Requirement)

5. Medical Professionals Like (Doctors, Nurse, Staff And More) Urgent Requirement

Healthcare offers one of the highest paying jobs in India. With the increasing demand for medical professionals in the wake of the pandemic, the healthcare industry is expanding tremendously. Indian doctors and surgeons are highly paid, with salaries depending on specializations like dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, or domains like healthcare administration, nursing and physician assistant, home health aide, etc.

Apply Form 12 Pass, 10 Pass, And 8 Pass, Also Eligible

General job duties of medical professionals include prescribing medications, administering treatment, assessing symptoms and diagnosing medical problems in patients, collaborating with nurses and other health experts, evaluating medical test results, etc

The average salary of medical professionals in India is about 10 lakhs per year. More than 25% of healthcare experts earn around 20 lakhs per year. The average salary ranges from ₹6,99,142 LPA for a general practitioner to ₹11,59,833 LPA for a general surgeon.

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