How to make app, App Kaise Banaye? (Free earn more money from mobile)


Kaise Banaye App – Friends mobile apps are mostly made by app developers, but apps can also be built without coding. Today we are going to give complete information about it. How to make a free app, how to make an app from coding, how to make an Android app and (iPhone) iOS apps, as well as how to make money from such an app will also tell you.

If you want to create an app, it’s important to know what app development is. We want our readers to get complete information. That’s why let us know about app development first. After that, all the methods of creating your own application will be explained to you.

What is App Development (App Development)

The process of creating any application is called application development. In the process Design, Visualization and Final Testing of the App is carried out. Generally, it is necessary to have knowledge of Coding (such as HTML, Java or C ++) for Application Development, but Applications can be made even without Coding.

In app development, apps are created for computers, Android, iOS, etc. Application developers do the work of creating these applications. Now let us know how you can create an app without coding.

Kaise Banaye App (How to make app)

To create an app, a website will be required, whose name is “AppsGeyser”. This website provides the facility to create and download the application for free. You can also earn money by making an application from this website. You can go to the website by searching for its name on Google. Here’s how to create an app from this website.

[1] Some of these interfaces will be seen on the website.

[2] First, click Create App.

[3] On the next page you will find two options. If you want to earn money after creating your app, select Create App to Earn or if you have a business you want to grow and don’t want to earn by running ads, select Create App to Grow.

[4] Now more options will come. On the Business tab, there are options to create an app from business website, Youtube channel, Facebook page, text page for those who want to create a website with poetry or jokes, HTML or PDF code for those They know the coding. This tab is for growing the business, not making money.

[5] When you select from the Individual tab, money can be earned from it. In this tab, you can create apps for websites, video calls, messaging, web browser, wallpapers (live wallpapers), photo editor, media/music player, etc. Apart from this, you can also create video apps, quiz apps, mobile TV. Application, practical guide or any game like Tiktok, Likee.

[6] We have selected to create a website application in the Individual tab. In which you now need to enter the URL of the website and then click Next. (Note that if that website is yours in the website option, only you will be able to make money from it)

[7] After this the color scheme should be selected, if you want to use only the website color then do not select anything as it is set by default. Just click Next Bar.

[8] After this, select the app layout either to keep the slider or the bottom menu or tabs, then select the Next option shown below.

[9] After this, give the application a name. Keep the name short and keep something different so it can be easily remembered, this increases the brand. Then click Next.

[10] Now the icon for that app should be selected, you can also keep the website icon or upload the custom icon. After that, click Next.

[11] After this, all you have to do is click CREATE and your app will start building.

[12] Now you need to sign in with your Gmail ID or Facebook ID to try, use or download this app. If you wish, you can also register by creating your business email and a password.

[13] After this, the Control Panel of your AppsGeyser account will open. Where you will find the Download icon above, click on it.

[14] After this, to get it, you can either enter the email ID to get it in the email or you can select the option with .apk under Download it directly or scan the QR code provided


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