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Google Adwords
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Hello friends, Google Adwords Most of you have probably heard of Google Adsense, but many people know nothing about Google AdWords. What is Google Adwords? And how to make money with google adwords I will give full details.

Friends, there are two types of people who register on an advertising network (Google Adsense, Google Admob, etc), one is a publisher and the other is an advertiser and the work of both is different but both. is to make money. Why use this ad network?

A publisher is a person who displays an ad network or ads on its platform (blog website, youtube channel, social media) and an advertiser is a person who advertises its product, service, etc. through an ad network.

So that you can understand in simple language that the advertiser gives permission to show the ads and the publisher is working on showing those ads with the logo.

Since here the advertiser works with Google Adwords and the publisher uses Google Adsense, in today’s post we will know how to make money with Google Adwords, so you must read this post to the end. how to make money with google adwords Full details will be given.

Google Adwords What is Google Adwords?

Friends google adwords google is an advertiser’s playstore where you can run ads for your business, protect or sell money by selling your business or service and earn or protect money.

Friends, running ads on Google Adwords is like running a campaign that you have to pay for. Sales increase and you earn money.

No one knows when a business, product or service in the world will start, so ads are shown to promote that business, product or service for which people use Google Adwords, making some big profits with some money. Money for displaying ads.

Friends, today 50% of internet users are using Google Adwords, with some people showing ads for their business, protecting services and some people showing ads for affiliate marketing with the aim of making money.

How to make money with Google Adwords 2023?

Friends, there are four ways to make money with Google Adwords, where (1) make money growing your business (2) make money selling your services (3) make money benchmarking your products (4) make money earn with affiliate companies marketing etc. You can make money with Google Adwords.

Friends, many people ask this question How Google Adwords pays us So here you don’t get money from Google AdWords, you pay Google AdWords to show ads, and furthermore you get money for protecting your business, sales, sales service and Affiliate Marketing.

Let us know about these four methods, how and how much money you get and what you need to do for it.

make money growing your business

Friends, if you have a small or large business, you can run ads for that business on Google AdWords and earn more money by driving traffic to your business through ads.

Here you need to create a Google AdWords account first to display ads on Google AdWords, after that you need to spend some money to display the ads.

But when people interact with your business through ads, you can make money from it.

For example, Amazon App and Websites is a business that is a retail business, it also runs ads like Google AdWords and earns millions from it.

make money by selling your services

Friends, nowadays many people sell their various services online and offline on the internet, for which they use Google AdWords and earn a lot of money from it.

Whether you have a service with a course or other feature that people can use and take advantage of, you can run ads for it.

To make money selling a service here, make sure to run the ad only if the service is good, otherwise there may be a loss instead of a profit.

For this, you can run some ads of your service, when you understand the profit, you can sell more services and earn more money by running more ads.

Earn money by benchmarking your products

Friends, many people’s job is to make products, but selling products is much more difficult than making products, so you get money.

One of the main reasons for selling a product here is that it is not getting the right customer. For example, you can use Google AdWords to show ads for your product so that you can sell the product both online and offline.

Friends, it is not difficult to sell your product by running ads with Google Adwords. Here you just need to see how much your product costs and how much it costs to place an ad. You can make money by selling it.

Make Money Doing Affiliate Marketing

Friends, one way to make money with Google AdWords is Affiliate Marketing, where you make money by selling the products of others, where you get paid by selling other products.

To do this, you must first join a good Affiliate Program in which you receive maximum commission, after which you can run advertisements for that product on Google AdWords.

Here you have to pay to show ads, but when your product sells you can get 10% to 200% commission depending on the company and product.

Friends, this work is a little smart logo, where you have to keep in mind that you are making at least twice as much money from marketing as you are running ads, only then will you benefit and make money.

Conclusion – How To Make Money With Google Adwords 2023

Friends, this is some information about Google Adwords where you know what Google Adwords is and how it works. how to make money with google adwords How to make money through business development, service, sales protection and affiliate marketing.

I hope this information will be helpful to you, providing you with complete information on how to make money with Google AdWords.


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