How to Delete PhonePe History Learn in 2 minutes

Phonepe history
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How to Delete PhonePe History Learn in 2 minutes

Hello friends, in today’s post we are going to know how to delete PhonePe history, PhonePe is an Indian company that provides a very good digital service, through which you can make all your mobile and DTH bills and recharges, etc. very easily. .

Apart from this, you can also send and receive money to anyone through your phone and there are many other things you can do through your PhonePe Wallet app. And it has a nice feature that whatever transaction you make here, your entire transaction history is saved.

But many people want to delete that phone history for some personal reason, so the question arises that can we delete phone history after all? If so, how can we do it? And if not, why not? .

In today’s post, we are going to share detailed information about this with you, so read the post carefully from start to finish.

What is PhonePe transaction history?

PhonePe Transaction History is the history of all transactions made on PhonePe. It is saved in your PhonePe account. In which the information of all the transactions made by you is there, so that you can see in this application whenever you need to read in the future.

In the PhonePe transaction history, the account from which the money was debited, along with the transaction ID and how much money to send and the details of the person to whom you send the money, are visible, so that the possibilities of fraud with you there are very few and the proof of sending your money is also saved in the PhonePe app.

How to Check Phonepe Transaction History

Friends, if you want to check your PhonePe transaction history or PhonePe payment history, then it is very easy, for this follow the steps mentioned below.

How to delete PhonePe history
First of all, open the Phonepe application on your mobile.
Now click on the History option displayed at the bottom of the right corner.
Now the PhonePe History will open in front of you, from here you will be able to check the history of all your transactions.
This way you can check your transaction history very easily. So let us know how to delete our phone history permanently.

How to delete PhonePe history
Now, many of you will not accept the truth that I am going to tell you, but no one can change the truth that is there and the truth is that you cannot delete Transaction History on PhonePe.

We have also seen many articles and videos on the internet telling you how to delete PhonePe transaction history, but when we tried to use those methods, the end result was that we couldn’t delete our PhonePe transaction history. get it

And when we bothered and talked to PhonePe Custore Care Number “080-68727374”, we learned that according to new RBI guidelines, you can’t delete transaction history in any payment app on PhonePe.

We know you won’t agree to this either, so if you agree then this is the truth and if you want you can get information about it by calling the PhonePe customer support number above.

How to hide PhonePe transaction history

As we told you earlier, you cannot delete transaction history on PhonePe, but yes, here is a little option for you to hide transaction history for any of your needs.

For this, go to the PhonePe app, then click on History, here you have the option to add a filter, in this, do not select the month for which you want to hide the history, select all other months and apply. .

Folks, after you do this, all history for that month will be gone from your history option, but keep in mind that as soon as you remove the filter, you’ll see all transaction history again.

frequent questions

How to delete PhonePe transaction history?

According to the new RBI guideline, you cannot delete transaction history on PhonePe.

How to cancel the telephone transaction

It is not possible to cancel a PhonePe transaction because every time you make a payment to someone on PhonePe, that payment either succeeds or fails. And if it shows the status of Payment Failed, that payment goes back to your account within 7 days.

Can I delete transaction history on PhonePe?

No, according to the new RBI guidelines, you cannot delete the transaction history of any payment app like PhonePe.

What is PhonePe’s customer service number?

PhonePe Custodian Care Number is 080-68727374.


Friends hope now it is clear to you how we can delete PhonePe history or we can delete PhonePe history or not. Currently, you don’t have any such option in PhonePe, so you can delete transaction history here.

I hope you liked the information, share it with your friends on social networks so that they can also eliminate the myth of clearing transaction history on PhonePe.


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