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LIC Bima Shree Plan: Insurance Life Insurance Corporation of India (Life Insurance Corporation of India) is the largest and oldest insurance company in the country! Which has millions of policyholders all over the country! LIC periodically launches insurance for every part of the country! This way you can invest in accordance with your future needs and future possibilities!

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Today we are going to tell you about the best policy from LIC, where you get both protection and savings when you invest! This policy is LIC’s Bima Shree Policy!

LIC Bima Shree Policy (LIC Bima Shree Plan) is an unlinked, participating, individual life savings insurance policy! By investing in this policy you will get an insurance benefit of up to 125% in the form of a death benefit! If you also intend to take out this policy, we will provide you with information about this policy!

Key Features of Bima Shree Policy-

  • Minimum Insured Amount on the Policy – ​​Rs 10 lakh
  • Maximum amount insured on the policy – ​​There is no limit!
  • Policy term – 14, 16, 18 and 20 years
  • Premium Payment term – Policy term – 4 years
  • Minimum age to buy the policy – ​​8 years
  • Maximum policy term – 55 years (14 years policy term), 51 years (16 years policy term), 48 years (18 years policy term), 45 years (20 years policy term)

This death benefit is available on the policy

Let us tell you that by investing in it, the policyholder can get two benefits! The first is the money received at maturity and the second is the death benefit! If a person dies within 5 years of buying the policy (life insurance)! That nominee gets certain benefits!

Even if the policyholder dies after 5 years of purchasing this Life Insurance Corporation of India policy! He will then receive a claim amount equal to 125% of the Basic Insurance and 7 times the annual premium (LIC policy premium)!

How Much Return: LIC Bima Shree Plan

Before the expiry of the LIC Insurance Shree insurance policy, the investor will receive the Base Amount Assured! He also gets the option of Concurrent Return on Maturity (LIC Return) if he wants to! In this policy you can pay premium every month, three months, six months or annually! Here are the details of Sum Assured on Maturity!

  • 40% of the insured amount over a policy term of 14 years
  • 30% of the insured amount over a policy term of 16 years
  • 20% of the insured amount over the policy term of 18 years
  • 10% of the insured amount with a policy term of 20 years

tax and credit rules

If you pay the premium of this policy (LIC Policy Premium) for two consecutive years! You can use the loan facility on this policy! Also you have to give a loan on this policy (LIC Bima Shri Plan) according to the tax bracket! Your premium also depends on the time frame and insured amount you have chosen!


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