Godfather Movie Review Chiranjeevi’s first movie reviews out Fans call it Unanimous blockbuster

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Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Godfather is the official remake of the Malayalam blockbuster Lucifer, starring Mohanlal and Prithviraj. The Godfather trailer got a decent response. The stellar cast of The Godfather is interesting with the very talented Nayanthara and Sathya Dev joining Chiru for this political action drama. Today, the film was released in theaters. Here is the review.

What is it about?

The sudden passing of Chief Minister PK Ramadas (Sarvadaman Banerjee) creates chaos in state politics. Home Minister Varma (Murli Sharma) and PKR’s son-in-law Jayadev (Sathyadev) plan to become the state CM in their own way. Brahma (Chiranjeevi), who was the great defender of the PKR right, opposes both. Satya Priya (Nayanthara) hates Brahma for a reason. What is the rivalry between Sathya and Brahma? How does Brahma save the state and family from the wrong people? The answers to these questions have to do with The Godfather.


There is always something missing in Chiranjeevi’s roles since his return with Khaidi no 150. Now, in Godfather, Chiru’s role seems complete and well-arranged. Chiranjeevi gives a subtle and precise performance for the role of Godfather. So far, we’ve seen Chiru dominate the show when she’s on screen, but with The Godfather she keeps it content and brings it up at the right moments.

Nayanthara performed well and is fit for the role. Her role is neat and she did what was necessary. She will be mostly passive in the first half, and her presence will feel better in the second half.

Sathyadev is a good choice for the role of Jayadev. Sathyadev is an artist and he gives his best as bad. The director’s choice to go with Sathyaev instead of a Bollywood villain is perfect.

Sunil, Shafi, Brahmaji, Murli Sharma and Anasuya were apt in their roles. Puri Jagannath appears in a crucial role as a courageous investigative journalist. He is fine in his role.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan elevated the scenes to higher levels with his presence. Salman’s role is brief and not important either. But Salman playing the role captivates the masses, particularly when they were both in one frame doing all the action parts.


The Godfather is a political action drama. Therefore, the writing is expected to be more exciting with uplifting and political punches. The Godfather doesn’t have a lot of tantalizing dialogue. Most of the writing is from the original. Thaman’s background score is loud but helped elevate many scenes. The cinematography is good. The script is fine.

thumbs up

Sathya Dev & Nayanthara
First half

thumbs down

poor graphics
few long scenes


There have been many questions as to why Chiranjeevi is interested in remaking the political action thriller Lucifer. But The Godfather is an honest remake with a few changes that didn’t spoil the essence of the original. Director Mohan Raja adapted the film for the Telugu nativity and made it a bit more attractive.

The director kept the original plot intact with balanced elevations at regular intervals. There are some twists that get the audience excited and there are also some stretchy scenes. The first half deals with good development and characters plotting against each other. Salman Khan’s appearance during the interval gives a high

We have seen the political stratagem with the changing foundations of the MLAs. The Godfather also has similar episodes, but the story gradually begins to focus on the confrontation between the protagonist and the antagonist in the second half. Some prison episodes and action sequences entertain the masses.

The latter part of the second half goes the routine massive drama route with a kidnapping rescue episode. The climax part is no different from the usual fight sequence with lots of guns and bullets.

A song followed by a hail of bullets, gore, and slow-motion fire leaves us with a sense of action that overpowers the mature emotion the film has carried so far. Fans may miss Chiru getting into a muscle fight at the end, but Salman does that so he can keep the weight of the Godfather.

Overall, The Godfather is a neat remake with relevant changes. For those who have already seen Lucifer, The Godfather will be a decent remake, and for those who haven’t seen the original, this will be an entertaining watch.


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