Economy Inn Hotel Traverse City

Economy Inn
Image source: wyndhamhotels

Economy Inn Traverse City

A week in Traverse City with seven glorious days of sun, sand and bay splashes. For many families, it is a dream vacation. What about those on a budget? Don’t worry… the Economy In is just what you need.

“Many guests, especially families, stay here for a week,” explains owner Johnny Chowdhury. “It’s clean and comfortable, close to everything, and one of the most affordable properties in Traverse City.”

While its rates certainly reflect its name, the Economy Inn is more than just a “budget” hotel. The property has recently received several upgrades including new air conditioners, bathroom fixtures and more. In addition to being close to public beaches, the Economy Inn is also close to hiking and biking trails, downtown restaurants, and just about anything else you’d want to experience on a getaway to Traverse City.


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