Trading 2023 time, When to trade on BSE, NSE? Because is special?


Diwali Muhurat Trading 2023 time, When to trade on BSE, NSE? Because is special?

The beginning of a new Samvat 2079, the year of the Hindu calendar that begins on Diwali, will be celebrated on October 24 with a special one-hour Muhurat session on the two largest stock exchanges in the world, the BSE and the NSE. . Stock exchanges announced the time for the token trading session in separate circulars: 6:15 p.m. m. to 7:15 p.m. m. Muhurat Trading, or trading in the auspicious hour, is believed to bring prosperity and financial success to the parties involved.

Trading would take place in various segments such as stocks, commodity derivatives, currency derivatives, stock futures and options, and securities lending and lending (SLB) in the same time frame.

The markets are considered to be erratic because the trading window is only open for one hour. Therefore, new traders must be careful. The act itself could be more important than the financial success, said Puneet Maheshwari, director of Upstox.

It is believed that the ideal time to start any new project is around Diwali. The vast majority of buy orders across all categories indicate largely positive market sentiment. Investors are said to profit year-round from trading during this session, he added.

Although 11 of the previous 15 mahurat sessions ended in the green, Upside AI co-founder Kanika Agarrwal stated that Muhurat Trading could be favorable for traders. If you go long at the beginning of the session and then close your positions at the close of the trade, there may be a case of hope arbitrage.

Investors should be aware that volatile times like Samvat 2078 could be the result of a global economic slowdown triggered by tightening liquidity conditions, according to Manish Jeloka, co-head of Products and Solutions at Sanctum Wealth.

A strong economic recovery in India and domestic liquidity that will offset FPI (Foreign Portfolio Investors) withdrawals have resulted in Indian equities outperforming global markets by a significant margin in Samvat 2078. This outperformance is projected to continue in Samvat 2079, he added.


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