Deoband railway station in UP will be RENOVATED with world class facilities, details here Copy

Deoband railway
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Deoband railway station in UP will be RENOVATED with world class facilities, details here

Indian Railways has been working tirelessly to give railway stations a fresh look and add world-class facilities to give passengers the best travel experience. After Indian Railway refurbished several railway stations such as Gauriganj Railway Station and Chhayapuri Railway Station in Gujarat, the Railway officials are ready to renovate Deoband Railway Station. Deoband Railway Station is one of 200 railway stations targeted for modernization. The inspection of how to turn it into a world class station was done. Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav visited the station on Monday to take stock of the development works planned under the project.

The Minister, during his visit to the station, spoke with the railway authorities and discussed the necessary measures to turn Deoband station into a world class station. Speaking to the media after the inspection, he said that the railways are preparing a master plan to modernize some 200 stations in the country.

Deoband station has also been chosen under the initiative. The station has religious significance, and in view of it, the railways have decided to convert it into a world-class modern station, and the refurbishment work will start very soon, the Minister said.

The Ministry of Railways is discussing a plan to model Deoband station here after a prominent temple located in the area. Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said there are plans to develop Deoband into a world-class station and the idea of ​​giving it the “shape” of the Bala Sundari Devi temple is also being considered.

He said discussions were underway on the matter. The minister was here to take stock of the ongoing construction work at the Deoband railway station. He also went to the Bala Sundari Devi temple to offer prayers.

The railways have already started to refurbish many stations in the country with plans for the provision of modern amenities for railway passengers, such as a food court, a waiting room, a children’s play area and the expansion of existing infrastructure, including the construction of stations.


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