Cred App What is Cred App? How to earn money from Cred App – How to deposit credit card bill from cred app

Cred App
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What is the Cred app? how to make money with credit app how to pay credit card bill with credit app

Cred App What is the Cred App? how to make money with credit app how to pay credit card bill with credit app

WHAT IS CRED APP AND HOW TO USE THE APP? In India, we know that everyone uses the CRED APP. stop.

Why do you use a credit card? The thing to consider is that if you make purchases with your credit card, you will get cashback from the bill payment app.

See friends today everything is paid online, what could be better than CRED APP?

What is the Cred app?

Look guys, we understand that CRED APP is a simple app that you can download on your mobile and pay with your credit card. Supported by both Android and APPLE mobile platforms. This platform is specially made for the credit card users where you can get great deals. Cashback on CRED APP bill payment etc via credit card.

CRED APP can be used by those with a civilian score of more than 750. By now, more than 10 million people have downloaded this mobile application. The use of these apps is also increasing day by day. Why is there no evil and is not there. There is no profit.

If you pay with your credit card via the CRED APP, you will get points in return and that and cashback points are not high, but points do increase with repeated payment via the CRED APP. Credit card users benefit greatly from it.

Who owns CRED APP?

Look friends, the owner of the app now knows Kunal Shah who was the CEO of an online mobile charging company. The idea of ​​Cred App also belonged to Kunal Shah. He bought a fancy business and shared it with people. ,

How to download the CRED app

how to download the credit app on mobile, we know how to download the app on mobile, go to play store and download the app. To use the CRED app, you need to download the CRED app first, you can easily download this app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. You can download the CRED app by going to the application website.

1 After downloading and installing the CRED APP, open it.

2. Now you have to enter it as soon as you open it, keep in mind that in the CRED APP you enter the same number that you use to pay your bank account or phone.

3 You have good credit score like above 750 then you can use this credit card if all rules of CRED APP are fulfilled then your account will be approved for which after receiving OTP your mobile station number one OTP will be sent for CRED you must enter the download in the APP.

4 After entering bad processing, click on your bank account name E-mail ID Mobile number.

5 Then click on the place where you want to receive all notifications on your WhatsApp.

6 Click Process This next page will be opened where CRED app will check your marital score if your marital score is now over 750 hundred you will see Purohitam on the screen where to click.

7 method After clicking you need to verify your credit card then why click on credit card with your credit card number DALE AUR CARD VALID CCV NO DALNE PAR CLICK KARE

8 Deposit ₹1 to your credit card after the CREATE process is completed.

9 You can activate your CRED app, to activate you need to click Activate and protect photo.

10 Now there is no top credit card option in the credit application, now click on add credit card option and add your credit card number by entering it.

How to use the CRED app

1 First of all, the CRED app must be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

2 After installing Tips, enter your mobile number associated with your bank account.

3 Then enter your bank account name and Gmail ID.

4 Then, after entering your packaging account name and email address, confirm by entering your credit card information.

5 You can use the Credits app. The app is quite smart and shows all your credit card details such as credit card balance, credit card bill payment details, etc. It allows you to pay any payment.

Benefits of using the CRED app

1 You can pay your credit card bills and payments through this app.

You also get cashback when paying 2 credit card bills.

3 You can pay with more than one credit card in this app.

With the help of 4 apps you can see all charges on the credit card.

You can also pay bills through Debit Card Net Banking UPI using this app.

6 All notifications are received from CRED APP when payment is due and payment is due.

7 Every time you pay a bill with the CRED APP, you get reward points or cashback.

8Credit Cash Max plan can now also view your credit card report and credit card score.

You can use the 9Credit app on both Android and Apple platforms.


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