Black Adam Movie Review 2023 Will DC Be Able To Beat Black Adam, Beat MCU? Do you know what Dwayne Johnson’s superhero movie is like and where he won you over? Copy

Black Adam Movie Review
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Black Adam Movie Review :– Black Adam, who had appeared in a guest appearance in the previous DCU movie ‘Shazam’, was supposed to be shown as the villain in that movie, but then his creators changed the character to a different one. . he decided to give the film.

Black Adam (The Rock) is the name of a character who was imprisoned for five thousand years in the Kandak prison. His savage strategy for equity grabbed the eye of the Equity Society of America, and its individuals motivate Dark Adam to be a legend rather than a reprobate. All of these people must work together to stop a force that is more powerful than Black Adam. Let’s Know Black Adam Movie Review

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  • black adam movie review
    • What’s so special about the movie? (Black Adam movie review)
    • Where did the error occur? (Black Adam movie review)
    • Watch or Not Black Adam (Black Adam Movie Review)

black adam movie review

Black Adam Movie Review:– There is a definitive definition of hero for us. Something bad happened to him, an injustice happened. But he tries to establish justice by fighting her. He doesn’t hold revenge on top. If you say, don’t allow yourself to change what happened to you. But DC’s character ‘Black Adam’ doesn’t fit this mold. That is why he is not called a super hero but an antihero.

The story of the movie ‘Black Adam’ begins in a town called Kandak. There is a precious metal there. In whose greed the king sends some people to look for a metal called Eternium. A man named Teth Adam arrives there. But in return his family is killed. When everything was going wrong for Teth. He only then gets the powers from him. With these powers, Teth becomes Kandak’s champion. However, Teth is in jail for one reason or another. The story begins 5,000 years after Teth’s captivity.

Outsiders have infiltrated Kandak. These people want to mine as much Eternium as possible. exploit the residents there. This part of the story relates the plan to establish peace in America and its Middle East. Well, the people of Kandak believe that their champion will return again. He comes back and what creates an uproar in this world is the story of the whole movie. ‘Black Adam’ relates to Shazam first. The movie just couldn’t set it up right.

By law, this is the origin story of ‘Black Adam’, but it never lets its protagonist set foot in conditions. Most bad superhero movies deal with a problem at some point. Don’t spend time on emotions properly. Keep the audience away from your characters. Strong visual effects and action sequences to grab people’s attention. All these things are also present in ‘Black Adam’. To complete the movie in two hours, the right things are not put in the right places. The characters seem very shallow. The movie keeps you away from the concrete reason behind why he is doing this.

It doesn’t take long for the movie to get where it wants to go. In the first minutes ‘Black Adam’ wakes up again. And then the rest of the action happens. From here on, not all subframes are executed but they are executed. The movie doesn’t let you spend time with any thoughts. In the name of the motif, only one line was caught to the characters. That this has happened to me, so I’m doing this.

When the story starts to move through dialogue instead of events, you can’t hold your attention. Well, there is no fixed scale to judge good and bad movies. But it’s said that in good movies, your attention doesn’t go to the phone. ‘Black Adam’ couldn’t do that.

I complain about the essence of the film but it is not that there is nothing good in the whole film. ‘Black Adam’ has its moments. For example, in one place, a superhero named Cyclone refers to an incident. when something bad happened to him. It was only after that incident that he decided to become a hero. It was a comment on ‘Black Adam’ without directing. How do you make use of what happened to you? Help people or kill them mercilessly. The film has action sequences based on pop culture. Similar to the climax of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, where Black Adam fights his enemies.

Being light on the level of emotion, the movie doesn’t leave much room for acting. Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam is just the way he is in every movie. Pierce Brosnan, who played James Bond, also played a superhero named Fate in the film. Personally, I want to see more of Pierce and Doctor Fate. But the movie couldn’t use them properly.

‘Black Adam’ is confused on how to tell his story. It has to be shown as an original story or multi-hero movie. As a result, a balance between the two cannot be maintained. It’s very important that superhero movies break with established patterns. Otherwise it will just be a theme park. Wherever he went, he enjoyed the ride for a while. But as soon as you get off the swing, all the excitement is gone. Like almost all superhero movies, there’s a post-credits scene here too. To which it must be said that this is the highest point of the film.

What’s so special about the movie? (Black Adam movie review)

All the characters in the film are more than one and Dwayne Johnson has breathed life into the character of Black Adam. The cinematography and background music of the movie are quite strong which gives you a lot of excitement while watching the movie. Along with Dwayne, the rest of the characters have also done a good job in the film. While watching the movie, you will also realize many times that Black Adam is the hero, or as opposed to the hero, he is the villain. Because the definition of a hero is different for almost everyone. Aside from Dwayne, it’s also fun to watch Pierce Brosnan win hearts by becoming James Bond.

Where did the error occur? (Black Adam movie review)

The weakest thing about the movie is its story, which could have been better but before the climax you feel a bit cheated. DC, who was still in Shazam, and Black Adam are no different. Actually Black Adam is Shazam, although what we are seeing is about 5000 years old.

The other weak part of the movie is the editing of him. Looking at the movie, it seems that not much effort has been put into the editing table and many scenes have dragged on for a long time. So many times you get bored as a viewer. Where the movie doesn’t stand out after the narration and editing is VFX. We’ve seen better VFX than this movie.

Watch or Not Black Adam (Black Adam Movie Review)

The Black Adam movie has everything you would expect from a superhero movie or DC Universe movies. It is a visual treat for fans to see Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam. The visual effects or the story of the film are nothing special or extraordinary. But fans of Dwayne and DC can definitely see it. Although the climax of the film is quite spectacular, where Henry Cavill is seen in the role of Superman alongside Black Adam.


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