10 benefits of the Aadhar card Surely you will not know about these

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10 benefits of the Aadhar card Surely you will not know about these

Aadhar Card Service 2022: Not sure about these 10 Aadhar card benefits, you should know that the government has announced many services and facilities for Aadhar cardholders although it is not mandated anywhere but if you have If you have a Aadhar card, then you can easily do any work and take advantage of various government schemes. In such a situation, today we will tell you 10 important benefits of Aadhar card.

Benefits of the Aadhar Card

If you have an Aadhar card, you can make real estate transactions from the comfort of your home. That is, real estate transactions have become paperless, cashless and unmanned for Aadhaar cardholders. All you need to do is provide your bank account, Aadhaar and biometric details.

take advantage of health facilities

If you are an aadhar cardholder, you can avail e-hospital services. For this, you can book appointments in government hospitals and large private hospitals through the Aadhaar card.

Foundations in Religious Rites

The richest temple in the world has made the Aadhaar card mandatory for bookings for the Angpradakshinam ceremony at Balaji Temple in Tirupati. This is because this puja can only be performed once.


Aadhar card has been made compulsory for admission to colleges. If you want to get a scholarship from the government or UGC, you have to give your aadhar card.

digital safe

To access DigiLocker under Digital India, you need to provide your Aadhar card. Aadhar card allows you to create your own e-locker and submit your e-documents in it.


ENPF is also linked to the Aadhar map. This allows you to find your PF and pension sitting at home.

Income tax

The Income Tax Department has made it easy for people to electronically verify their income tax returns through the Aadhar Card. That is, now you need to link the e-filing account with the Aadhar card to file income tax returns.


Many states have made the Aadhar card mandatory for vehicle registration certificate, learning driver’s license, permanent driver’s license.

benefits of a midday meal

Aadhar card is compulsory for all programs such as midday meal, basic health care and basic education for children in government schools of the country.

As tax planning season approaches, use Aadhar card to make your tax life easier!

Tired of listening to your coworkers moan about the dreaded year-end tax return? The fact that you are also moving in this direction only increases your suffering. But you can avoid all that stress. You can now use your Aadhaar card to verify your income statement. You just need to provide your Aadhaar Unique Identification Number (UIN)

And this is only one of the advantages. There is more to this simple but important document. Here’s how it makes your life easier:

  1. Income tax. You can check your tax returns in a few simple steps online. This will help you reduce your documentation needs. This mode is more economical and effective. Here’s what you should do:

· Login to Income Tax Department e-filing website using PAN number. Then link your Aadhaar number. You can download your Income Tax Return (ITR) forms.

· Select the Aadhaar One Time Password (OTP) generation option. This will be sent to your verified mobile number.

· Provide this code to verify your income tax return. You can also check previously uploaded returns. Do this by selecting the Aadhaar OTP verification option.

  1. Overcoming passport issues: Did you know that you can now get a new passport in just 10 days? Sounds like a miracle, right? This is where your Aadhaar card comes in handy. When you go online to apply for your passport, include a copy of your Aadhaar card. This will be proof of identity and address. In three days you will be scheduled for an appointment. After that, the passport office will issue and send your passport in just one week.
  2. Open bank accounts instantly: No need to collect multiple IDs or run around for documents. Your humble Aadhaar card is sufficient proof of your identity and address.
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  3. Get your retirement money on time: Aadhaar card is a boon for senior citizens. After all, for seniors, the documentation process can be cumbersome and time-consuming. All the pensioners need is to register their Aadhaar card number. This will ensure timely payment of pensions.
  4. Digital Life Certificate: With Aadhaar card, pensioners have another reason to be happy. You can use your Aadhaar card enrollment number online to get a digital life certificate. This can help you continue to receive your pension without having to physically go to the bank and submit a life certificate. This reduces the need for physical leg work.
  5. Easy Provident Fund Disbursement: Aadhaar card ensures transfer of provident fund funds directly to the pensioner’s account. It is enough for a pensioner to link the card to his pension account. It saves time and effort.
  6. LPG and other subsidies: You can get LPG subsidy in your bank account. All you need to do is provide your Aadhaar Unique Identification Number (UIN). In fact, all government subsidies will go directly to you through your Aadhaar card. There is no need to register separately for each state aid.

Aadhar Card Benefits Konow

In our daily life we ​​hear the word ‘Aadhaar’ from time to time. We know something about the same as it is identity proof but often wondered what is Aadhaar card? And what is it all about? And many other requests. We also know that Aadhaar is a nationwide card that we need in many ways. But probably we are not fully aware of Aadhaar and its importance. Well, let’s look at all these aspects.

What is Aadhaar Card?

Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique number issued by UIDAI – Unique Identification Authority of India to residents of India after fulfilling certain identification conditions structured by the Authority. Any person, irrespective of age and gender, who is a resident of the country can voluntarily register to have their Aadhaar number. An individual is required to provide their demographic and biometric information during the registration process and is not required to pay any fee. Enrollment in Aadhaar is done only once and is valid for lifetime. Aadhaar is a random number that has no intelligence and therefore does not profile individuals based on their religion, caste, income, geography and health.

Aadhaar – an initiative under “Digital India”

The new idea of ​​Aadhaar as an essential identity platform is one of the main pillars of the government’s Digital India initiative, where every resident of the country is given a unique identity. The Aadhaar scheme has achieved many milestones today and with the growing importance of the aadhaar card, it has become the most popular and largest biometric identification scheme in the world. Aadhaar identity program with features like distinction, verification, financial address with e-KYC enables the Government of India to seamlessly reach out to the people of the country by disbursing numerous subsidies, benefits and a host of other services using Aadhaar. number. Its uniqueness is sufficient to eliminate all duplicate and fake identifications and can be used as a primary identifier to launch various public welfare measures for better distribution of services, thus confirming full transparency and reliable governance.

Here we will tell more about the use of aadhaar card and benefits of aadhaar card.

Using Aadhar Card

The Government of India sponsors many social welfare programs aimed at serving the underprivileged and the most vulnerable sections of society. The Aadhaar platform provides a unique opportunity for the administration to streamline the welfare distribution mechanism, thus ensuring transparency and structured administration. We will break down and explain the use of aadhaar card from two perspectives, one from the resident’s perspective and the other from the government’s perspective.

Availability of subsidies:
This most important use of Aadhaar card is that it allows you to avail the benefits of government subsidies for which you are entitled. Since the government has all the necessary details about you as a resident of the country, you just need to show your Aadhaar card to avail the subsidies.
The Government of India has announced schemes where your Aadhar can be linked to your bank account and LPG connection so that you can get LPG subsidy directly into your bank account. It also negates the possibility of misuse of funds or any person trying to gain benefits through false claims.
Available options of service agencies:
By using Aadhaar, the process of availing any service becomes easy and hassle-free and you can easily avail the facility or avail the benefits without any hassle. For example, opening bank accounts, issuing a passport and much more.
Inclusion of people without identity documents:
Several people do not have the identification documents to receive the benefits provided by the government. The ‘Introducer’ concept in Aadhaar to authenticate data for UIDAI allows these residents to verify their identity.
Use of Aadhar Card – For Governments and Service Agencies
Aadhaar authentication enables de-duplication in many schemes and is expected to provide significant savings to the government exchequer. The scheme also provides the government with accurate data on its beneficiaries, enables direct payment programs and allows the government and other service providers to synchronize and improve many schemes. All these actions will lead to the following usage:
Increasing competence and efficiency:
Government can improve the distribution mechanism and use scarce extension funds more efficiently and competently through better utilization of the workforce involved in the entire service delivery network.
Limiting leaks through targeted distribution:
As beneficiaries are already identified through Aadhaar, this will help limit additional outflows and ensure that services are distributed to the intended beneficiaries. Like subsidized distribution of food and kerosene to beneficiaries of Public Distribution System or PDS etc.

Benefits of Aadhar Card

Let us now consider the benefits of Aadhar card which can be listed below

Opening bank accounts

You can use your Aadhaar card as one of the vital documents under KYC or Know Your Customer for identification and authentication. Banks and financial institutions treat the Aadhaar card as a valid photo ID and proof of address to process requests for services such as opening a bank account.
LPG subsidy

You can use your 12-digit Aadhar card number to get the LPG subsidy amount directly deposited into your bank account. This DBTL (Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme for LPG Consumers) is known as PAHAL. You need to visit your zone distributor and link your Aadhar number with your 17 digit LPG consumer number. Although today you get direct benefit transfer option by linking your bank account with LPG number.
Issuance of a passport

Obtaining a passport is a time-consuming process, as it consists of many stages. It usually takes many weeks to complete all the necessary procedures and obtain a passport. But with the advent of Aadhaar, the process of obtaining a passport can now be expedited. If you wish to get a passport, you can apply for it online by simply adding your Aadhaar card as proof of your identity and residence to your application and you need to add any additional supporting documents in general.
Advantages of Digital Locker:

Government of India has introduced another digital means of storing all documents on an official server owned by the government and this is known as DigiLocker system. You can simply register with DigiLocker and link your 12-digit Aadhaar card number to it.
Voter ID binding

Linking your voter ID with Aadhaar is another important step taken by the government to root out fake voters. It will become impossible for any voter to have multiple voter IDs if aadhaar is linked to the voter ID. As for Aadhaar Enrolment, the voter card holder has to be present in person and then present his Aadhaar card to the polling booth officer to establish the connection.
Digital certificate of life

The 'Jeevan Pramaan for Senior Citizens' certificate also called Digital Life was launched by Mr. Narendra Modi, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India. The aim was to remove the need for a pensioner to be present in person to receive their pension to continue their scheme. Now pensioners do not need to come physically, because their


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